MAT Seminar: Solvent stable UV and EB cross-linked polysulfone-based...

MAT Seminar: Solvent stable UV and EB cross-linked polysulfone-based...


Speaker: Veysi Altun, Eval Europe

Title: Solvent stable UV and EB cross-linked polysulfone-based membranes

Date/Time: November 27, 2019  /  13.40-14.30

Place: FENS L063

Abstract: In separation technology, polymeric membranes have found wide application. Cross- linking procedures are needed to enhance the stability of commonly used polymers such as polyimides and poly(aryl sulfones), which are not sufficiently resistant to heat and harsh solvents (i.e. aprotic solvents). Chemical cross-linking of membranes has so far mainly been performed to apply them in solvent resistance nanofiltration (SRNF). However, this method is not suitable for polymers without reactive groups, e.g. poly(aryl sulfones) or poly(ether ether ketones). Hence, there is a need to design an efficient method for post-synthesis crosslinking of such polymers [1]. In this work, two environmentally friendly irradiation methods were applied, namely ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) cross-linking. Non-solvent phase inversion method has been used to synthesize the membranes, followed by UV or EB curing [2,3]. Semi-interpenetrating polymer network (SIPN) of a linear polysulfone and a cross-linked polyacrylate formed the matrix of the membranes. The choice of the photo-initiator and the cross-linker were the most crucial parameters in this process. Therefore, the effect of the type and concentration of the photo-initiator and cross- linker functionality on the curing efficiency and membrane SRNF performance were investigated in depth, together with the membrane chemical stability. Besides, different irradiation doses were applied to tune the different curing parameters.

BIO:  Veysi Altun has received my bachelor’s degree of science in Chemical Engineering from Ege University, Izmir/Turkey in 2008. After graduation, he joined my master in Polymer Engineering Masters Degree joint program of Roma La Sapienza University-Italy and Lyondell Basell. Afterwards, he started to work in compounding and masterbatch industry for few years. Then, he continued his joint PhD program in the frame of Erasmus Mundus Joint Phd Program, studying in KU Leuven/Belgium (home university), Twente Univeristy/ Netherland (host univeristy) and Paul Sabatier University/France (host university). His thesis project was focused on the development of Solvent stable UV and EB cross -linked polysulfone-based membranes. During Phd, he wrote several scientific articles and attend conferences as speaker. Currently, works as technical marketing manager of EVAL Europe in polymer industry for Middle East and Africa region and based in Bursa.


Contact: Emre Erdem