• Materials Science & Nano Engineering


Materials Science and Nano Engineering deals mainly with synthetic and biological polymers, ceramics and metals with applications such as bullet-proof glasses, fire-retardant plastics, superabsorbant materials, optical devices, electrical conductors, artificial skin and drug-delivery. As an interdisciplinary field, materials science and technology is closely related to diverse disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, or chemical and mechanical engineering and mechanics.

Sabanci University’s degree program in Materials Science and Nanoengineering aims at furnishing its students with the theoretical and practical skills necessary for the understanding, design and application of advanced technology materials.



The mission of the MAT program is to educate materials engineers on the fundamentals of materials science and the application of these fundamentals to analyze, characterize, and design materials-enabling technologies. Through hands-on lab and theoretical studies, we equip our students with a solid understanding of the relationships between structural properties, processing, and performance of materials. Our students are self-confident, initiative-taking, faithful to ethical values, and fluent in both Turkish and English. The application of materials in nanotechnology is an additional facet of the curriculum that enables our graduates to adapt to cutting-edge advances in technology.