MAT SEMINAR:Navigating a research group as a new PI-Creativity..

MAT SEMINAR:Navigating a research group as a new PI-Creativity..


Speaker: Ahu Gümrah Dumanlı Parry

Title: Navigating a research group as a new PI-Creativity and Understanding open source

Date/Time:May 26th, 2022 6:40 PM Istanbul

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Hybrid: FENS 2019

Abstract:Academia and conducting science is a highly competitive environment and surviving in this space as an early career researcher (ECR) has many conditions; Publishing a good number of research articles, presenting in highly prestigious conferences, bringing sizable grants, supervising a number of students, developing expertise in a niche area/technique and getting involved in large international projects. So it is pretty much a numbers game but how realistic these numbers to an ECR or a new PI with limited resources? Transitioning from a post-doctoral position where all the resources are supplied by a senior PI with seasoned labs into starting my own labs in Manchester has been quite a journey and under the shadow of the pandemic and the accessibility issues myself and my group had to adapt to a new way of building a lab by inventing. In this talk, I will cover a new concept-the open source hardware- which is still in its early days, but it is increasingly growing beyond the domain of EEE field and I will demonstrate the DIY tools we designed in my labs which helped us to get data when instruments were/are inaccessible. Adapting these creative design concepts we believe science will be more open and sustainable.

Bıo:Dr. Ahu Gümrah Dumanlı-Parry is a Materials Chemist with a passion for understanding the fundamental principles of the material design principles in nature for developing functional materials. She has a BSc in Chemistry from Hacettepe University in Turkey and an MS degree in Polymer Science and Technology from the Middle East Technical University, Turkey. She graduated with a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Sabancı University, Istanbul, Turkey in which she explored alternative catalysts for the synthesis of carbon nanotubes with truly unusual physicochemical traits. Her latest work is on tailoring the nanostructure of cellulose to produce photonic structures via self-assembly of nanoparticles of cellulose as well as highly porous aerogel cellulosic networks. Tuning the self-assembly and aerogel porosity is very interesting in itself in understanding the materials organization in nature. Ahu also develops further functionalities in these systems by producing nanocomposites with different metal oxides, plasmonic nanoparticles, and functional polymers to develop energy harvesting systems and sensors.